Reclaimed Wood Product Care Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a handmade table from our little shop!

Your beautiful table is handmade using reclaimed wood. This means it can be more vulnerable to elements such as strong sunlight and heat than a brand new item.

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To enhance the beautiful character of reclaimed wood, we use finishing products that are as natural as possible and let the natural charm of wood be the main focus. We mainly use products from Fiddes&Sons® range. Each table top and bench are protected with 2 coats of oil.

Now your question might be: "How do I keep my freshly arrived item looking at its best?"
With the right care, your purchase will bring you joy for years to come!
We are here to help you with that!

P.s we'll send a paper copy of the following with the item

With all wooden furniture, remember the following: 


  • In colder winter months, it’s extremely important to avoid rapid changes in temperature.  Your table top has been in a cold workshop environment and in some cases in the delivery van overnight.
    Acclimatise your table to its new environment by keeping the temperature in the room as low as possible, especially at the first couple of months. 

    Avoid placing your furniture near heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces or constant direct sunlight. Keep the underfloor heating at its lowest.
    Even though new appearing cracks and gaps, oil drying up between the tiles etc are fairly normal in reclaimed wood, heat can intensify the changes in wood. 


      We strongly suggest keeping your humidity level at the ideal of 30-40% year round.  

    Rapid changes in the humidity levels can cause cracking (especially humidity under 30%).
    Make sure your humidifier is working properly to prevent any issues, especially during the winter months. Always keep your wooden furniture in a well ventilated room to minimise changes in the wood caused by humidity and moisture.

    Overall, wooden furniture can take approx 12 months to settle in a new environment. You may see visible changes in the wood (i.e hairline cracks)  throughout this process.

    • We recommend that you have 2 people to lift furniture items such as dining tables.
      Do not drag the items as this will lead to damages.
    • Always use coasters and place mats when placing hot drinks and food onto your furniture. Best method of cleaning is prevention! 
    • Do not use chemicals such as bleach, or any abrasive materials to clean your furniture. Simply wipe away spillages with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Use natural cleaning products if possible. Make sure you try to remove any excess water.
    • You can get your item professionally refinished or refurbished by us. Please do get in touch and we can arrange this for you.


    Enjoy your new piece of reclaimed wood furniture & do not hesitate to contact us for any further information! :)


    UPDATED 1st February 2023