Reclaimed Wood Product Care Instructions

At Kontrast, we do not only deliver one of a kind furniture staples. We also arm you with all of the knowledge you need to ensure that your new furniture is a focal piece for years to come. Our hand made timber-based products are an investment, and it is only right that you should want to keep them looking their best. 

With the right TLC, our solid timber furniture can last for years. Our pieces are not exempt from the effects of ageing, but all of them age gracefully. Nothing makes a piece of rustic furniture look more unique than time. 

Ensure that our reclaimed wood furniture stays with your family for years to come with our wood furniture care guide. 

General Wood Furniture Care Guide

  • Always use coasters and mats when placing hot drinks and food on to your furniture.
  • In the event of an accidental spill, do not panic. Never use abrasive materials or chemicals such as bleach to clean your furniture. Simply wipe away any spillages with a damp cloth as soon as possible. 
  • Do not use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture has a plastic coating.
  • Avoid placing your furniture near heat sources such as radiators. Doing so can lead the furniture to expand and contract at extreme temperatures. 
  • Because added moisture may cause the timbers in your furniture to move, we always recommend ensuring that there is adequate ventilation around the piece. 
  • Avoid leaving your furniture in constant direct sunlight. Doing so can lead to the wood drying and fading. 
  • Over time, natural light will slightly alter the colour of your furniture. This is part of the natural ageing process.
  • Ensure that two people lift heavy items such as dining tables and beds. 
  • Do not drag your furniture as it may lead to damages.

Waxed Wood Furniture Care

Unlike lacquered furniture, waxed furniture is not sealed. This means that it will absorb the elements in its surroundings. If you spill anything on waxed furniture, you need to act fast. Unattended spills will be absorbed into the wood, leaving stains. The same can be said for hot pans and cups, which will leave rings on the surface of your furniture. We recommend using placemats and coasters wherever possible when caring for waxed wood furniture. 

Weekly Wood Furniture Care Instructions

We recommend using a soft damp cloth as part of your weekly cleaning routine. This stops the dust from billowing and re-setting. However, if the item of furniture is dirty and you are unable to remove a mark or stain with dusting, you can use a damp cloth. 

Always follow the grain of the wood when cleaning your furniture, and try to remove any excess water where possible. Make sure to dry the furniture once your cleaning process is complete. 

At Kontrast

We use a hard wax oil to seal the tops of our tables, which creates a water-resistant barrier and adds to the durability of the timber. Below are two of the most common hard wax materials that we use to protect our products. 

- Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

- Osmo Polyx Oil

At Kontrast, your satisfaction matters. If you want to have your item professionally refinished or refurbished please get in touch and we will arrange a time that is suitable for you.